Can You Wash Bobs In The Washer?



Can You Wash Bobs In The Washer

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It is possible to wash Bobs shoes in a washing machine, but it is important to handle them with care to ensure that they maintain their shape and quality.

Here are the steps you can take to wash your Bobs shoes in a washing machine:

  • Remove the insole and laces from the shoes.
  • Place the shoes in a laundry bag or pillowcase to prevent them from getting lost or damaged in the washing machine.
  • Use a mild detergent and wash the shoes on a gentle cycle, in cold water.
  • Allow the shoes to air dry away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

It’s important to note that washing your Bobs shoes in a washing machine can cause them to lose their shape or damage the materials, so it’s recommended to wash them as little as possible. Also, avoid using hot water, bleach or harsh detergents as they can discolor or damage the shoes.

Additionally, some Bobs shoes may be made of materials that are not suitable for washing, or may have special care instructions, so it’s best to check the manufacturer’s care instructions or recommendations before attempting to wash your shoes. Also, Avoid putting the insoles and laces in the washing machine, as it can cause damage to them.

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