Can You Wash Tub Mats In Washing Machine?



Can You Wash Tub Mats In Washing Machine

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Yes, most tub mats can be washed in a washing machine. Rubber bath mats can be washed in a washing machine just like a load of clothes. For added scrubbing power, you should wash your mat with a couple of towels or other laundry items. You should wash the bath mat on the gentle cycle, and you can use either cold or warm water. Be sure to air dry the bath mat. Do not put it in the dryer.

Tub mats are essential bathroom accessories that provide both safety and comfort when stepping in and out of the bathtub. Over time, these mats can accumulate dirt, soap scum, and mildew, which raises the question: Can you wash tub mats in a washing machine? The good news is that for most types of tub mats, the washing machine is indeed a viable option. In this article, we will explore the dos and don’ts of washing tub mats in a washing machine, provide step-by-step instructions for the process, discuss alternative cleaning methods, and offer some final insights.

Dos and Don’ts of Wash Tub Mats In Washing Machine


  • Check Care Instructions: Before proceeding, check the care label or manufacturer’s instructions for your tub mat. Ensure that it is machine washable and that there are no specific guidelines or restrictions.
  • Add Towels for Scrubbing: To enhance the cleaning process, add a couple of towels or other soft laundry items along with the tub mat. This will provide additional scrubbing power and prevent the mat from becoming entangled with itself.
  • Use Gentle Cycle: Choose the gentle or delicate cycle on your washing machine. This setting minimizes the agitation and friction, which helps protect the tub mat from potential damage.
  • Select Appropriate Water Temperature: You can use either cold or warm water for washing the tub mat. Warmer water might be more effective in removing soap scum and mildew, but make sure not to use hot water, as it can damage the mat.


  • Don’t Use Harsh Detergents: Avoid using harsh or abrasive detergents, as they can damage the material and color of the tub mat. Opt for a mild, gentle detergent suitable for delicate fabrics.
  • Don’t Put in Dryer: After washing, do not put the tub mat in the dryer. The high heat can cause the rubber or other materials to warp, melt, or become damaged.
  • Don’t Overload the Machine: Ensure that the washing machine is not overloaded. Overloading can lead to insufficient cleaning and potentially damage both the tub mat and the washing machine.

Steps to Wash Tub Mats in the Washing Machine

Step 1

Prep Your Mat: Shake or brush off any loose debris from the tub mat. This will prevent excess dirt from entering the washing machine.

Step 2

Check Care Instructions: Verify that the tub mat is labeled as machine washable and has no specific restrictions.

Step 3

Add Towels: Place the tub mat in the washing machine along with a couple of towels or other soft laundry items.

Step 4

Select Gentle Cycle: Choose the gentle or delicate cycle on your washing machine. Adjust the water temperature to either cold or warm, but avoid hot water.

Step 5

Add Detergent: Add a small amount of mild detergent to the washing machine. Avoid using excessive detergent, as it can leave residue on the tub mat.

Step 6

Start the Cycle: Start the washing machine cycle and allow it to complete. The gentle cycle minimizes the risk of damage to the tub mat.

Step 7

Air Dry: Once the washing cycle is complete, remove the tub mat and hang it to air dry. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can cause color fading.

Alternative Washing Methods for Tub Mats

While washing tub mats in a washing machine is a convenient and effective method, there are alternative approaches for those who prefer different cleaning techniques:

  1. Hand Scrubbing: If you prefer a hands-on approach, you can scrub the tub mat using a soft-bristle brush, mild detergent, and warm water. Rinse thoroughly and allow it to air dry.
  2. Vinegar Solution: For removing tough stains and mildew, create a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar. Spray or sponge the solution onto the tub mat, let it sit for a few minutes, scrub gently, rinse, and air dry.
  3. Steam Cleaning: Using a handheld steam cleaner can effectively sanitize and clean tub mats without the need for excessive water. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


Can I wash a tub mat with a non-slip backing in the washing machine?

Answer: Yes, you can wash a tub mat with a non-slip backing in the washing machine, but be sure to follow the care instructions and avoid excessive agitation.

Can I use bleach to clean my tub mat?

Answer: It’s best to avoid using bleach, as it can damage the material of the tub mat and compromise its non-slip properties.

Can I wash my tub mat with other clothes in the same load?

Answer: While you can wash your tub mat with other laundry items, it’s advisable to add soft items like towels to prevent the mat from becoming tangled.

How often should I wash my tub mat?

Answer: Washing frequency depends on usage. Aim to clean it every few weeks or as needed to prevent the buildup of dirt, soap scum, and mildew.

Can I use fabric softener when washing my tub mat?

Answer: It’s recommended to avoid fabric softeners, as they can leave a residue that may compromise the non-slip surface of the tub mat.

Final Words

In conclusion, washing tub mats in a washing machine is a feasible and convenient method to maintain their cleanliness and longevity. By following the dos and don’ts outlined in this article, you can successfully clean your tub mat and ensure its durability. Whether you choose the washing machine method or prefer alternatives like hand scrubbing or steam cleaning, regular maintenance of your tub mat will enhance your bathroom experience and contribute to a clean and comfortable environment.

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