Can You Wash Your Dog Bedding In Washing Machine?



Can You Wash Your Dog Bedding In Washing Machine

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Yes, you can wash your dog’s bedding in a washing machine.

As a responsible dog owner, ensuring your furry friend has a clean and comfortable resting place is essential for their well-being. One common question that arises is whether you can wash your dog’s bedding in a washing machine. The good news is that, in most cases, you can indeed wash your dog’s bedding in a washing machine, making the cleaning process much more convenient. However, there are some important dos and don’ts to consider to ensure a successful and hygienic wash.

In this article, we will provide you with the necessary guidelines and step-by-step instructions to wash your dog’s bedding in the washing machine.

Dos and don’ts of Wash Your Dog Bedding in the Washing Machine


  • Check the Care Instructions: Before washing your dog’s bedding, always check the care instructions on the tag. Different materials and designs may have specific washing requirements.
  • Use Pet-Friendly Detergent: Opt for a mild and pet-friendly detergent to avoid any potential skin irritations or adverse reactions for your furry companion.
  • Select the Right Cycle: Choose a gentle cycle with cold or warm water to prevent any damage to the bedding and ensure a thorough yet gentle wash.
  • Remove Hair and Debris: Before placing the bedding in the machine, shake off excess hair and debris to prevent clogging the washing machine and to improve the washing efficiency.
  • Dry Thoroughly: After washing, make sure the bedding is completely dry before allowing your dog to use it again. Damp bedding can lead to mold and unpleasant odors.


  • Avoid Hot Water and High Heat: Using hot water or high-temperature settings can damage the fabric and affect the bedding’s integrity. Stick to cold or warm water settings.
  • Skip the Spin Cycle: While the spin cycle is crucial for regular laundry, it’s best to skip or minimize it when washing your dog’s bedding. Excessive spinning can cause unnecessary wear and tear.
  • Don’t Overload the Machine: Washing too many items at once can lead to uneven cleaning and may cause stress on the washing machine’s motor. Wash the bedding separately or with a few other dog-related items.
  • Avoid Fabric Softeners and Bleach: Fabric softeners and bleach can be harmful to your dog’s skin and respiratory system. Refrain from using these products during the wash.

Steps to Wash Your Dog’s Bedding in the Washing Machine

Step 1 Preparation:

  • Remove any toys, blankets, or cushions from the bedding.
  • Shake the bedding outside to remove loose hair and debris.

Step 2 Check Care Instructions:

  • Review the care label on the bedding for specific washing guidelines.

Step 3 Prepare the Washing Machine:

  • Ensure the washing machine is clean and free from any detergent or debris.

Step 4 Add Pet-Friendly Detergent:

  • Add a suitable amount of pet-friendly detergent to the washing machine.

Step 5 Load the Bedding:

  • Place the dog’s bedding into the machine. If it’s a large bed, consider washing it separately to ensure a thorough clean.

Step 6 Select Gentle Cycle:

  • Choose a gentle cycle with cold or warm water for the wash.

Step 7 Washing Process:

  • Allow the washing machine to complete the cycle.

Step 8 Drying:

  • Remove the bedding from the machine and gently shake it out.
  • Air-dry the bedding thoroughly in a well-ventilated area or use a low heat setting in the dryer.

Step 9 Final Fluff:

  • Once dry, fluff the bedding to restore its original shape and comfort.


How often should I wash my dog’s bedding?

Answer: The frequency of washing your dog’s bedding depends on your dog’s shedding habits, how frequently they use the bedding, and any accidents that may occur. As a general guideline, aim to wash the bedding every 1 to 2 weeks.

Can I use my regular detergent to wash my dog’s bedding?

Answer: It’s best to use a mild and pet-friendly detergent to avoid any potential skin irritations for your dog. Regular detergents may contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your furry friend.

Can I wash the entire dog bed with stuffing in the machine?

Answer: It’s essential to check the care label and instructions for your specific dog bed. Some beds with non-removable stuffing may not be suitable for machine washing and may require spot cleaning instead.

My dog has sensitive skin. What detergent should I use?

Answer: If your dog has sensitive skin, opt for a hypoallergenic and fragrance-free detergent to minimize any potential skin reactions.

How can I reduce dog hair on the bedding between washes?

Answer: Regularly brushing your dog can help reduce shedding and, consequently, minimize the amount of hair on their bedding. Additionally, using washable covers on the bed can make it easier to remove and clean hair between washes.

Final Words

Washing your dog’s bedding in a washing machine is a practical and effective way to maintain a clean and comfortable resting place for your beloved pet. By adhering to the dos and don’ts and following the care instructions, you can keep the bedding fresh, hygienic, and free from unwanted odors. Regular cleaning not only enhances your dog’s overall well-being but also ensures a longer lifespan for the bedding itself.

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